High-Torque Quick-Release Duct Clamps
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Hose clamps are multi-purpose clamps used to seal hoses or pipes onto fittings. Hose clamps are easy to use and provide a tight and secure hold.



High-Torque Quick-Release Duct Clamps

High Torque Quick Release Duct Clamps are designed to exceed 80 inch-pounds of torque. They are easy to use and provide a very strong, durable hold on pipes and hoses. They feature a high quality stainless steel band with a zinc plated tightening screw for fast and hassle-free installation and removal.

Item #SAE SizeClamping DiameterLengthBand Width (inches)Case Qty
QR-152PBP1521-3/4" - 10"31"1/2"100
QR3-152PBP1521-3/4" - 10"31"9/16"100
QR-188PBP1881-3/4" - 12-1/4"38"1/2"100
QR3-188PBP1881-3/4" - 12-1/4"38"9/16"100