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July 29, 2014 | Miriam Rosner

As Cambridge Resources expands its product line, team Cambridge wants to make it as easy as possible for distributors and end users to understand how to use our new products to add value to their operations. In an effort to bring the best service possible to our customers, in addition to the catalogs, line cards, and email blasts that have always been the standard in the industry, Cambridge is proud to introduce the first of many streamable instructional videos.

In this first video, Marketing Director, Max Hockley, introduces viewers to Cambridge duct straps and duct strap tools, and instructs them in the methods used to fasten together flexible ductwork with these products.  This first video is available for viewing on the Cambridge Resources YouTube channel This video is the first in a series that will soon be added to a comprehensive video library that will be accessible via Cambridge Resources website’s homepage.

The first series of videos will focus primarily on the HVAC industry, but as Cambridge finishes up those videos, its media team will begin expanding its focus to cover all of the markets that Cambridge serves. So stay tuned, and enjoy the show!


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